Vitamins and Such 
3135 W. Holcombe
Houston, TX 77025
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Amrita Menon- As the owner and founder of Vitamins and Such, Amrita has long been dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Her interest in finding the best possible natural supplements for herself and her family grew from an online store to brick and mortar stores in Kingwood and Houston. Even after receiving an advanced degree in nutrition, Amrita continues to study and learn all she can. She is so grateful to have the opportunity through Vitamins and Such to spread the word about improving and maintaining good health through natural products.

Judy Kibler- Judy has been with Vitamins and Such since the Kingwood store first opened in 2000. Her interest in a healthy lifestyle began with doing yoga. But after experiencing problems with a low thyroid, menopause, and the general aches and pains of living a full life, she began to try different supplements to get relief.  Judy now feels better than ever and will happily share what has worked for her.

Amanda Brown-Initially, Amanda joined Vitamins and Such to help provide for her 3 young children while still being close to home. She was fairly healthy and did not regularly use natural supplements beyond a multivitamin. However, very soon  Amanda was  pleasantly surprised at how many times she was able to find products for both herself and her children which helped keep them from getting sick or helped shorten anything they might have caught that was going around.

Marina Garcia-As a caretaker for her diabetic mother who had to have a kidney transplant, Marina has seen firsthand the perils of not taking care of your health.  Being strongly committed to taking care of herself and her family, Marina enjoys learning about as many of the over 3,000 different products offered by Vitamins and Such as she can. She truly cares about others and looks forward to helping customers find the best possible products for themselves and their families each and every day. Marina happily answers customer questions in both English and Spanish.

Chasity Dauzat- Having worked in the natural products industry previously in Louisiana, Chasity was a natural to join Vitamins and Such. Chasity was amazed and grateful to see the large selection of brands and supplements carried by Vitamins and Such. She feels the wider variety of products allows the customers an even greater ability to find what they really like and what works for them. She also loves to take advantage of the opportunity to gain even more knowledge about becoming and staying healthy the natural way.

Grisel Garcia- Affectionately known as Gigi for short, Gigi started working at Vitamins and Such after being diagnosed with low anemia and becoming seriously ill. Gigi is taking to heart her wakeup call to good health. She is rapidly devouring all the product training material she can and sharing not just with her customers but friends and family as well. As a service with a smile person and valued team member, Gigi also speaks fluent Spanish. 

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